This is the fourth incarnation of Eye of Woden. The first was a Blogspot site which ran from 2012-2014 and was closed due to unwanted attention from certain factions with an agenda.

The second and third incarnations were a Facebook page and Twitter account which begun as experiments in reaching a wider audience and appealing to the modern proclivity for short, fast, regular snippets of insight. These were closed upon realisation that my particular perspective and set of ideas cannot be condensed into ‘snippets’, nor are intended for the types of people who are generally active on these social media platforms. Furthermore, it has become apparent that Facebook and Twitter are very much a part of the global web of tyranny and are not the places to share arcane and heretical ideas in this day and age.

Eye of Woden now returns to its rightful position as a blog, upon its own, independent platform (as much as WordPress and websites can be considered ‘independent’). It will remain here until the Internet at large becomes too hostile a place for the free exchange of ideas such as those related to Wodenism and Esoteric Heathenry.

Articles will be kept as concise as possible without compromising the fullness of each idea’s expression. The intention is for each post to be readable within about ten minutes, and to be well categorised. Subject matter will relate to any and all aspects of Folkish Heathenry, Wodenism, wider Indo-European concerns and the arcane.

Note: Several months after the Eye of Woden Blogspot site began, eyeofwoden.wordpress.com appeared but bears absolutely no relation to any of my work.