A Dream Before Yule of the Wild Hunt

This morning at 7:15am, 20th December 2018, I was awoken from an incredibly vivid, visceral dream. It is very rare that I remember my dreams, and even rarer that they have the feeling of something truly deep and meaningful. The last profound dream I had was about five years ago and involved swans. When the routine screams of my young daughter awoke me this morning (she is by nature not a very peaceful soul) I took the opportunity to write down what I’d dreamt. It was one of thoseĀ  dreams that feels as real as life, and is as follows:

I was with my family – wife, children and mother – in the grounds of a nearby Secondary School where we often walk the dog. It was day time; a mix of blue sky and cloud. Out of nowhere, snow started to fall; not normal snow however – each snowflake was the size of a melon yet fell gracefully. Some were in the form of beautiful snowflakes and some were simple hollow orbs. Myself and my children played at catching each snowflake and then compacting it into a small snowball. The snow only lasted a few minutes and then normal, mild weather resumed.

I then sat alone, away from the rest of my family, and looked into the sky. Against the blue, and just behind a cloud I saw – as clear as anything – a procession of detailed, solid figures appearing from behind a cloud. First were dark horses, then white horses, then what looked like ancient warriors, then SS soldiers, and lastly, Hindu Gods (with blue skin). They moved in an orderly, steady fashion and then disappeared behind another cloud.

My heart was pounding and I was trembling. I knew from the moment I had seen this heavenly sight that it was a sign, and I panicked to tell my family (my mother first, for some reason). As I struggled to gather enough of my faculties to speak, I was awoken from the dream. I woke up shaking and with heart racing.

Tonight is Mother’s Night, at which point begin the Twelve Nights of Yule. It is said that dreams during this period should be paid extra-special attention to, for each night represents a month in the coming year where the dream of that night will play out in the corresponding month of waking life. This dream occured the night before the Twelve Nights begin, and I don’t know what (if any) significance that holds, but I’ll certainly be paying close attention to any dreams I have over the Yuletide.

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